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14.09.2021, Jamal Tuschick

Symbolfoto © Jamal Tuschick

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you are well healthy and had a great summer. 

I would like to share with you some of upcoming events:

I am looking forward to meeting my wonderful colleagues at Musik Ensemble Megaphone for the production "Lebenslinen"- Wandelkonzert with dance, music, and poetry from diverse epochs.

Show dates are 18.9. 2021 at the St.Magni church Braunschweig and on the 19.9. 2021, at the St. Martin Church Hannover Linden.

For more info and tickets please click here. 

It is my pleasure to be able and bring back to stage the performance "NO-MAD" from 2016. Together with the performer /trombonist Tomer Maschkowski. Once again we shall embark on a surrealistic journey with dance, music, and films through time and space.

The show date is the 3.10.2021 as part of the Jüdische Woche Dresden 2021.For info and tickets please click here.

For show trailer please click here

I am hoping to be able to meet you in one of those events,

Wishing you lovely autum start 

stay healthy and tuned,

yours Oren.

Oren Lazovski
Choreography /Dance Teacher
Master of Arts -Dance education 
+49 (0) 15771332260